Our Story

Our Story
ZeitFish, exploring Tuggerah Lake in our LumenMotion event.

QuietRush began as a commercial experiment to create off-keyboard adventures that introduce people to a reimagined riding experience. As part of the Living Lab philosophy of our sister company, Laughing Mind, we wanted to explore the intersection of lifestyle medicine, outdoor adventure, logistics challenges, electric systems integration and the creation of joy - those life memories that help us feel like a kid again.

Founded in 2009, we've been testing the waters of e-mobility futures, starting out as one of the first Australian dealers for Stealth Electric Bikes. Along the way, we've built on a long background of MTB riding, racing, touring and coaching, blending this with consulting experiences in smart mobility and STEAM focussed events, startup incubation and human factors design, wrapping these up into our Kinetics service to assist clients exploring fleet mobility options and decarbonisation strategies.

More recently, that's involved testing a broader range of eBikes and eMotos with EBMX, helping deliver an informed perspective of how the eMobility industry is evolving and addressing energy security, population mobility challenges whilst also exploring new and novel event formats and designs that showcase electro-mobility options in 2 wheel formats.

We've been at the core of local event experiments to stimulate curiosity in Maker cultures, through LumenMotion and LakeMac ChipFest, whilst delivering it through a medium that requires people to move more and engage with the outdoor opportunities around them, through artistic explorations with luminous sculptures encapsulating a functional form of transport, CargoTrikes. At the same time, this allows folks to get hands on with electronics, EV-drive systems and playful expressions of personality, building new skills for collective futures.

At heart, our approach is experimental, but evidence driven, as we map the journey of riding:evolved.