Stealth workstand hack

A simple magtrainer hack for Stealth eBikes to create an effective workstand for maintenance.

We've been watching with interest as other owners of the Stealth electric bikes start applying their own astute minds to thinking about how to make maintenance of their bikes as easy as possible, with a range of options seen, including:
* Sidestand adaptors to mount a sidestand to the swingarm;
* Motorcycle style maintenance lift-platforms;
* other DIY forms.

There's another one to consider if you're a cyclist and have a wind/mag trainer stashed away somewhere. I pulled out my TransX magtrainer that I'd picked up a while back from Torpedo7 to take a closer look at it. It's easy enough to replace the standard axle cups with a correctly sized 3/8" socket (19mm in my case for a F-37). The result makes it very easy to lift the bike ready to use as a lightweight stand for chain tensioning, lubrication. Heck, I can even still use it as a mag trainer! (yes, it works with a 24" tyre) though the mag tends to spin a bit faster when I'm applying power, get's quite a whine up.

Stealth F-37 workstand image
F-37 workstand hack using a magtrainer