SurRon L1E and ADR Compliance

The little SurRon L1E is a great starters bike for new learner riders but there can be quirks with getting registration done due to recent regulatory changes. Here's how to check ADR compliance.

SurRon L1E and ADR Compliance
SurRon L1E next to CB125E, standard learner riders instruction bike from StayUpright

The little SurRon L1E is a great starters bike for new learner riders but there can be some quirks with getting through the registration process, some of which is covered by AmpdBros in This post helps outline some changes to the way vehicle inspections are done for new vehicles like the SurRon L1E to help you if you need to navigate the process.

If, like us, you're in NSW, inspection stations that are authorised to perform BlueSlip (aka Identity inspections), need to be aware of the contents of Vehicle Inspectors Bulletin 77, October 2021 which is when the change is announced to move to use of the Register of Approved Vehicles, a digital registry for vehicle identity.

The RAV is a public register, so you can do some preliminary checks of your own - all you need is the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) which will be etched into the bikes headset, or also shown in an attached frame sticker (though these can fall off over time). Simply enter the VIN into the search field and it will confirm if you've got an ADR approved model (applies to SurRon models sold after May 2022). The register applies to vehicles all over Australia, so whilst your local Inspection station guidance may vary a bit from the NSW link above, the ADR approval is Australia wide.

Hope it helps. If you see ours out and about, give us a wave. We've got some upcoming articles planned that help map out why these little bikes are an important starting platform for new learner riders.